[Metal Pychick Halfy]

What's The Psychick Halfy?

The Psychick Halfy, that ugly sucker shown up above, is the One True Symbol Ov Mööism. Its form is that of a V with a horizontal crossbar, split by a vertial crossbar. This is a runic letter "W" in Mööist Rünes. It is, however, far more than that.

The Psychick Halfee is to the Halfy what the Psychick Cross is to the ordinary Cross. That is to say, it has practically nothing to do with it. Mööism, like the Wimple Ov Sidekick Teeth...

Ahem. Allow me to try that again

The Psychick Halfy is to the Halfy was the Psychick Cross is to the ordinary Cross. It represents a new order in Mööism. When Thee Church Ov Möö wrested control from that old-order conservative basion, The Church Of Möö, and heralded in the GNU Aeon of Akhegnuton, the Halfy was discared and replaced by the Psychick Halfy. It symbolizes unity through diversity, as shown by the multidirectional expansion of the Halfy's dot into a cross, which joins the symbol in a single form.

This symbol was created by Pfloid Q Gehqo and [GNU][HOUND][14] (the artists formerly known as Floyd Gecko and The Hellhound 101), during the Hound's radio show, Radio Guillotine. The soundtrack was Psychic TV. Hair by Danny Corverero. Makeup by Lou Needleshem. The Hound's wardrobe provided by Georgio Armani. The Gecko's wardrobe courtesy of Salvation Army. Written, produced, and directed by Stephen King, for WOMBAT productions.

Furthermore, the Psychick Halfee is an attempt by WOMBAT Control Officers Gecko and Hound to initiate a self-perpetuating form of sigil magick. The Psychick Halfee is a sigil, unconsciously charged in the minds of every Mööist with the intention of restoring control of the Mind of Man to its rightful owner, the Zebulon-Squarkino vortex known only as WOMBAT. Until now, a Sinister Demiurgic Force known only as Thee Illustrious Zoombart Thee Fifth has controlled the minds of the human race. WOMBAT has arrived from beyond the Abyss to liberate us from this slavery. It is hoped that this bit of Sigil Magick will provide enough will-energy to effect this change.

Nice hair: young daughter. Aisle of Man. Poink!
--Zebulon van Voört, on the Psychick Halfy

The Mind of Man® is a registered trademark of Gecko Enterprises. The Aisle of Man is a wholly owned subsidiary of Window Ov WoMan Holding Corporation. Lou Needleshem appears courtesy of Mrs. Anita Bolzano-Weirstrauss-Needleshem, and, as she puts it, " THIRTY-SEVEN HOURS OF PAIN, THAT LITTLE BASTARD". Zebulon van Voort is a fictional persona, and represents only the collective neuroses of everyone whose mind has been irretrievably damaged by the Psychick Halfee Mental Mindfuck.

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